McGuire Counseling Centers, LLC

McGuire Counseling Centers, LLC has been in business for over 25 years. During the COVID-19 crisis we began using V-SEE and Zoom programs to provide on line therapy. The convenience and effectiveness of on line counseling is now becoming one of the services we offer. Individuals on Probation or Parole need approval from their officer to accept on line verse in person counseling programs. All sessions are provided through video sessions to ensure the highest level of services.

Services Provided:

  • General counseling to address adjustment and relationship issues
  • Sexual Offender’s Program
  • Psycho/Sexual Assessments
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Individual Counseling
Individual Session:
50 Minute $120
Zoom Counseling Session:
50 minutes $60
Mental Health Assessments:
Psycho/Sexual Assessments:
For all other payments –